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Read all about our Fitness Classes in Epping below.



Rig focuses on building strength, power and endurance.

Rig Classes will focus on one major lift and then split into accessories, core work and some spicy finishers assuring you get a complete total body workout.


Hustle is a high intensity, heart racing workout designed to burn calories and make you sweat.



Cheeky is a glutes focussed booty builder. This lower body lifting class is perfect for those wanting to sculpt their derriere, build a stronger core and look good in those tights.



Control is a pilates based class that builds core strength and balance while lengthening and toning the body. 

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Social Sweat

Social Sweat runs on Saturday Mornings and is a fast paced HIIT class designed to burn calories, and improve your cardio ability. 

Social Sweat is FREE for friends of members, so bring a mate and get sweaty!

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